25 4 / 2014

It is with great excitement that we announce our latest product

Blooie Communicate will be hitting internet shelves on April 28th!

We are so excited about Blooie Communicate that we decided not to have just one day of fun, no, we’re having a whole week!

So what have you got to look forward to?


  • Super special VIP invites and goody bags for a lucky few!

  • Special launch week offers

  • Google Hangouts with our CEO Mark

  • Q&As with our team on Twitter

So get involved and be the first to hear about Blooie Communicate!

24 2 / 2014

Better prices, better functionality and better features…


You’ll remember we released our bespoke chat plugin for JomSocial last year and we’re pleased to say we’ve had loads of users give us a go!

Of course there were areas to improve and features to add - and this is exactly what we’ve done as we officially come out of Beta testing.

So what have we spent all this time doing?


We’re giving you better value

We have tweaked our pricing model to offer customers better value with our new JomChat Everyday package. 

For only $7 a month, this package means smaller JomSocial communities are able to enjoy JomChat on their sites, without having to pay for features they won’t get maximum use out of.

As well as this new package, we’ve got our JomChat Pro package, for bigger communities who need to pack a bigger punch!

And we’re delighted to be able to offer both packages with an annual subscription to save your up to 30%!

JomChat is now more stable

As with every new products, there will always some kinks to work out and JomChat was no exception!

We’ve squished our fair share of bugs and added extra support structures including:

  • Preventing JomChat windows auto-opening after a page refresh

  • Overhauling our payment system to make it simpler for you to complete your subscription.

Lovely new features

But what you’re really looking forward to is the brand-spanking new features!

These features are all as a result of user feedback:

Branding-free chat interfaces


If you want the only brand your users see to be yours, this is now as simple as checking a box!

Settings and configuration menu

We’ve made it simpler for you to get JomChat to work exactly as you need it to. From here you’ll be able to decide how JomChat works on your site, as well as manage your subscriptions.

Usernames or real names


This feature lets you choose whether your users’ real or chosen names are displayed.

All you have to do to enable this feature is to select the option in your settings menu.

Check out the new features here and let us know what you think by emailing jomchat@bloo.ie!


23 1 / 2014

Our first job vacancy of the year is here!

We want you to join our team

The newest version of Blooie will be hitting the market very soon and now we need someone to manage our leads, clients and all other sales aspects of Blooie - could that be you?

If you’re passionate; use your initiative; have excellent written and verbal communication skills; build relationships and rapport easily and have experience in sales-based roles, then this could be the position for you!

All you need to do is email us with your CV at jobs@bloo.ie.

For more information check out the full description here.

Missed our last vacancy?

We’re still looking for a Junior Developer to join us, if you think that could be you, email us at jobs@bloo.ie.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

16 12 / 2013

We all know Christmas is a big deal, but just how big?


Analysis of Facebook posts shows that 2 weeks before Christmas is one of the most popular days for couples to break up, Christmas day is the least popular!

With all the stresses of presents, parties, wrapping and turkey-basting, it’s easy to see why some couples don’t make it!

In 2012, 6% of all customers intended to buy Christmas presents on their mobiles.

Customers want convenience, especially when they’ve got a massive Christmas to-do list! What better way to shop than during a lunch break, commute or in the middle of that dull meeting..

75% US customers look out for free delivery at Christmas!

Christmas is expensive, so saving a little here and there really matters to customers! Why not get some festive promo codes to give your sales a boost?

This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert won them 212,200 Twitter mentions

And the other retailers didn’t too badly either!

Econsultancy estimates there will be a whopping $61.8 billion spent online this Christmas!

It’s all about convenience which is why making sure your online store is spot-on is so important!

23% of customers who shopped on Cyber Monday shared deals on their social networks.

Social is your best way to get deals out there, nothing works better than a good social recommendation!

Online sales were up 15% during the Thanksgiving weekend, compared to only a 3% increase in brick and mortar sales.

Just another stat that shows how important getting your online store right is!

Online retail accounts for aprox. 37% of all packages handled in November and December and it’s expected to jump to 50% by 2016!

Having good delivery options could help your customers get their goodies

The shopping doesn’t stop on the big day, UK customers visited e-commerce sites 107 million times on Christmas day 2012!

No rest for the wicked!

Satisfaction with live-chat on websites is higher than any other communication channel.

Making it the perfect way to keep your customers coming back for more this Christmas!









01 10 / 2013

Read on for our brand new product and an amazing 40% off!


We are flipping ecstatic today because we can officially announce that our brand spanking new chat product, designed especially for JomSocial is now released!

Oh yes, you heard us right, JomChat has landed!

So what can you expect from JomChat?

Well, if you have yourself a JomSocial account, you can get a sleek user-user chat system for all your members.

JomChat sits snugly in the corner of user’s screens, it’s there when you need it and hidden away when you’re busy!


And to top all that amazingness off, we’ve got an unbelievable launch offer to get you chatting!


Sign-up by October 5th 2013 and get our JomChat package, with up to 1,000 simultaneous chatters for 40% less than our standard price!

We’re going to go have a lie down now, all this excitement has really taken it out of us!

19 9 / 2013

That’s right everyone, Blooie is now 2 years old, don’t we grow up fast!



12 7 / 2013



We are positively giddy because today we can officially welcome our new Lead Designer Jonathan Steele (yes that is his actual name!)

Anyone who has been following Blooie will know that we’ve been looking hard for a designer to join our team, so when we met with Jonathan we were beyond excited.

And it didn’t take long for us to be very impressed! Jonathan has an FdA in Web Design from Newcastle College, check out some of his awesome work!

Jonathan is a great fit for the Blooie team. He will be based in Newcastle with CEO Mark and we’re pleased to report the office has been filled with banter as the two discuss just about every sport under the sun!

A few interesting facts about Jonathan:

1. He plays American Football with the DC Presidents

2. He’s a bit of a daredevil, having skydived!

3. He has a bit of an obsession with Boba Fett

31 5 / 2013

Blooie has been busy!

What is it we’ve been up to you ask?

Well, we can’t tell you that, just yet.

But what we can say, is that our website is getting a makeover!

Hop over and check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

24 5 / 2013

Some very special Blooie news this weekend, as we all give a massive congratulations to our amazing CTO Chris on his wedding!

So Blooie is going to take a couple of days to join in the celebrations, but don’t worry, we’ll be back very soon with some really exciting news!

16 4 / 2013



It is another great day for Blooie today because we are getting the chance to welcome two great new people who have decided to join our adventure!



from Mark 

Ellen started at Blooie as an intern in 2012, fresh from leaving university only a month before. Little did we know then that we had found a gem of an employee!

From our previous post,  you can see that Blooie is more than just a place to work. We’re a close knit group of friends building something big.

For me, the number one thing in a company is the fit and the atmosphere for the people working there. So when the right candidate comes along we snap them up. This is exactly what happened with Ellen.

She can shut my nonsense up with as little as a look, all the while having the rest of the team rolling around in convulsions, so it was pretty obvious she would fit right in.

Now having worked with Ellen since August 2012, there is literally no task that you can throw at her that is too big. Her capacity for learning and growing into a role is remarkable. We are very lucky to have her as part of Blooie.


A few interesting facts about Ellen:

1. She is the first full-time English employee at Blooie.

2. Unlike Conor, she actually can dance! She spent years in a dance group and has performed up and down the country.

3. Ellen has pretty much destroyed our office with pink things. If it isn’t her pink laptop its her pink phone, notebook, bag; you name it, it’s pink!



from Chris 

I’m really pleased to be able to welcome Sam Sharp onto the Blooie team as an intern. He will be based out of our new Blooie Leeds office, which brings the population up to 2, go Leeds!

It’s quite rare to find people who not only want to solve problems but aren’t afraid of taking on big challenges, challenges like having to learn a whole new skill set to solve problems. Sam is one of these people, to complete some projects he decided he needed to teach himself programming. Now you understand why we hired him! You can expect to get some details on his endeavours in upcoming blog posts.

Sam now brings the total number of full-timers in Blooie to 6; 2 in Newcastle, 2 in Dublin and now 2 in Leeds, which makes for some really interesting hangout meetings.

I think I can speak for all of team Blooie when I say I am really looking forward to working with Sam and we know he’s a great fit for the company.


Some interesting facts about Sam:

  1. He has created an awesome slug based music synthesizer that works purely in javascript (awesome or what!?) check it out http://slugjam.net/

  2. He has a degree in Social Anthropology.

  3. He brews his own beer! We promise this isn’t the only reason we hired him ;)


Blooie is always on the lookout for interesting people!

If you think you’d like to work for us, we’re currently looking for a UX/UI designer.